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Miami, Florida bore this multi-racial beauty, while the Bahamas and Switzerland developed an exotic demeanor in Pascalli.  The entertainment bug hit Pascalli at the tender age of three when she was cast to be in a local commercial for KFC and an advertisement campaign for a local Bahamian store "The Island Shop".  Her first photo shoot at the age of three opened her eyes.  She soon began ballet at the age of four and later took on a liking for jazz and hip-hop dancing as well.


She moved with her mother, step-father and younger brother to Switzerland where she became interested in pop music and theatrical plays.  It was quite a transition.  New culture, new language, new life.  It wasn’t easy.  Although the challenges were mountainous, Pascalli did not give up or back down.  Instead, she drew on them to overcome what could have been disadvantageous and she remained steadfast in achieving her goals. 


In 1997, Pascalli returned to the Bahamas with her mother and brothers and by this time she no longer spoke proper English.  She immersed herself in dance after hearing Lady Saw’s song “No Long Talking” and although she barely understood the lyrical content due to her growing up in a German speaking city, the riddim of the song and Lady’s Saw’s lyrical flow is what grabbed her. Pascalli loved dancing so much her parents enrolled her in a local dance and modelling school called Yodephy, where she performed in showcases twice per year. Pascalli wanted more, she quickly befriended DJ’s at the local radio station 100 Jamz, and would often go there after school accompanied by her mother, to learn as much as she could from the on-air DJ’s at the station. 


Teenage years soon approached and Pascalli was hit early with life's lessons.  The death of her grandfather, cousin and best friend sent her the message that; “Life is too short, live while you can.  They are with me every day, they are the Angels on my shoulders", Pascalli stated.  This lesson made Pascalli choose to live in the ‘Now’ and follow her heart. The back to back trauma caused her to become depressed, she felt like no one understood her pain, so she rebelled and once again turned to music and entertainment. At sixteen, her drive led her to landing a campaign with Hoffer’s, a local sports store and later she was asked to conduct interviews at an after party for a concert with 50 Cent, Young Buck, Red Rat and Trina.

High school years flew by quickly and after graduation Pascalli moved to Miami for college. While working on her first job at the City of Miami, as a Personal Aide to the District 5 Commissioner, Pascalli had the chance to meet many of the top entertainment industry players, which resulted in even more opportunities for her. Her passion for modeling blossomed since her local success as a child and since then, Pascalli has been featured in platinum recording artist Neyo's, "When You're Mad" video, Lil Wayne’s “Make It Rain” video, as well as “Traffic Jam”, where she worked alongside Damian Marley just to name a few.  She was invited to host a concert in the Turks and Caicos Islands and was also invited to be a guest judge for that country’s annual beauty pageant in 2006. With features in Miami's local magazine “Smooth”, as well as in “Masterpiece” along with a feature on the Disney Channel video titled "Saturday Night", with pop star Aaron Carter, Pascalli decided that she was not going to stop there.


Pascalli ventured into singing and songwriting in 2010, after reconnecting with International Dancehall Artist Red Rat on a movie set in Florida. Red Rat was able to see her talents as a pop singer and as a songwriter.  They recorded her very first single called “Me & U” featuring Red Rat himself, produced by Multiplatinum/ Grammy winner DJ Buddha, who has worked with many superstars such as Pitbull, Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias, Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez.  In March of 2010, Pascalli hit the stage for an impromptu performance at Miami’s Power 96 stage for Calle Ocho and it was for the very first time that it was not as a model or an actress but as a music artist/ performer. It was all or nothing, sink or swim and Pascalli decided to swim. The crowd’s response was great!


Pascalli’s music is new, it’s fresh and is a blend of Caribbean sounds with International hooks and melodies. Her musical influences include Celine Dion, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Selena, Beyoncé and Britney Spears. “I’m influenced by so many people and things.  I try to learn from everyone and everything.  Every experience teaches you something new.”  Pascalli stated. 


Red Rat was not the only one to notice her talents.  Pascalli has been blessed to work with Grammy-winning and Grammy-nominated producers, DJ Blackout from Blackout Movements and Maffio along with Multi-Platinum selling producer Troyton Remi, from Black Shadow Records and has also recently completed a song with the Jamaican Dancehall artists, Assassin and Leftside. 


Pascalli, got the opportunity to perform in Zimbabwe in 2011 during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Not wanting to go empty-handed she researched and spoke to the promoters about local charities. Finally, she decided to collect clothing, shoes and toys and carried over 15 bins of items with her across the seas from America to Africa, all for the orphans at the Matthew Rusike Orphange in Harare, Zimbabwe. She hand-delivered the items and was able to hang out with and speak to the children. 


In 2012, Pascalli ventured into television production and her hard work paid off as she debuted a one-hour Cross Caribbean Countdown special for MTV TEMPO that she produced and directed along with her team, while in Dubai.  It was a success and dubbed as the most-watched Cross Caribbean Countdown episode to date. Soon after, Pascalli entered the Cross Caribbean Countdown with her first single “HAUTE”, featuring Red Rat and Toledo at number four and it quickly rose to the top of the charts. 


Pascalli, is the second half of the Mogul Movements Worldwide writing and production team along with Red Rat. In 2017, she wrote “Never Give Up Zimbabwe” after she saw the political turmoil the country was going through. It was a follow up to Red Rat’s “Rise Up Zimbabwe” in 2012. Zimbabweans used this song as a source of inspiration and clung on to the song using it during their march through the streets of Harare. Later that year in Miami, Florida, she was one of the writers on Jori Boy’s hit single “Para Mi” featuring Red Rat. 

In 2019, Pascalli earned a plaque for co-writing a song by Red Rat entitled “Higher” produced by DJ Buddha which attained over 21 Million streams on Spotify which was also licensed by Zumba. Her first project to be released as a producer is the “Kwarantine” riddim featuring artists such as Ding Dong, Bay-C, a former member of the group TOK, Tifa, Red Rat and of course Pascalli herself. The riddim and her latest song “Hardcore Love” is to be released on June 11th, 2020. She has been in the studio vigorously working on completing her debut EP while singing and performing all over the world. Pascalli has also recently worked with both Beenie Man on a song called, “P Say Hellooo” and Kes on a song called “Bakon Pan It”, both to be released in the near future. 


She also plays a big role in the production of her television shows, photoshoots, music and videos.  


“I want my messages to the world to be authentic; I want my fans to be able to connect with me from my heart to theirs!” 

THE boss

Pascalli, is now the proud founder of Mogul Movements Worldwide a music label that handles all releases and touring for its artists along with Mogul Beatz, a production company along with her partner, Dancehall Legend Red Rat. Together they are a writing and production team. Mogul Beatz has collaborated with artists across the world throughout various genres, from Pop, Afro Beats, Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Trap, R & B, Reggaeton as well as EDM.


Pascalli, is the Co-founder and a Director of Drakes Landings, a luxury real estate development which has a 120-room 4-star hotel, marina, and 60 luxury oceanfront residences in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.  Once she got started on her first project she quickly expanded and became the Co-founder and is a Director of The Ester Private Residences, also a luxury real estate development in Long Island, Bahamas.


Her objective is to work hard and to produce music and television productions that people can relate to globally, as well as to continue to expand her brand in a professional environment.  Her work ethic gives her the possibility to grow and appeal to the masses, ranging from Caribbeans, Latinos, Europeans, Americans, Africans, Canadians and many more.  


With a past that has created a path to endless possibilities, giving 100% is all that this young lady knows and it has definitely paid off. 



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