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What to wear for Carnival

Countries and Cities that have Carnivals throughout the year.

Antigua, Atlanta, Bahamas, Babados, Belize, Brazil, Cayman Islands, Haiti, Jamaica, Miami, Nottingham, Los Angeles, Sint Maarten, Toronto, Trinidad.

But don't be mistaken there are many types of Carnivals all over the world. Although Brazil and Trinidad are the biggest and most popular.

Typically the idea of carnival conjures up images of beautiful woman parading through the street in a beautiful costumes, dancing, singing and living their best lives. The road march is considered the climax of carnival, but there are several days of feting (partying) before. Most people are practically naked, so it could be intimidating, but no FEAR no matter how thin or thick you are, I guarantee you that there is someone thinner or thicker. Not only that, they’re naked and exuberantly happy in their bodies, so love and embrace yourself, because I'm sure someone will try to holla at you!

What you need!

  • No the Currency Exchange Rate

  • Have you Budget - because it's quite expensive.Carnival is EXPENSIVE, but worth every penny. Be prepared to spend around $1,000-$5,000 USD (not including flight).


  • Wear flat shoes or at least make sure they're comfy.

  • Sunblock - after all you'll be in the sun all day.

Carnival Vocab

Playing mas: Mas is short for masquerade because this tradition started when French plantation owners started throwing masquerade balls before enduring the fast of Lent. The slaves were unable to participate so they started their own. Mixing this French tradition with African, Asian, and First People traditions, we get the Trini Carnival. To “play mas” describes participating in the event from dressing up to dancing.

Soca: is a genre of fast-paced Caribbean music that has origins in calypso music, which means “to go on” and started when  enslaved peoples were not able to talk to each other and instead sang.

Wine: is an intimate form of dancing that is not necessarily sexual. People do not just wine with their partners, but with their friends or strangers also.

Fête: a public celebration, often taking place outside.

Lime: hanging out

"Party, party, Party!"

Our Favorite Carnival Bands:










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